Before you decide to join us in membership, we want you to know about us and we would love for the chance to get to know you.  We have a series of four classes to help you become a fully functioning member of Living Way. After the completion of the first class, you will have an opportunity to join our church membership if you choose. 


Class 101 - membership

Discover what it means to make Jesus Christ Savior and Lord, and how you can make the most important decision. We also cover how we function and minister as a local church. 

Class 101 Notes


Class 301 - ministry

Discover how God has uniquely gifted you to serve and minister.     

Class 301 Notes
Spiritual Gifts List
Personal Spiritual Gift Inventory


class 201 - maturity

Discover how to grow closer to Jesus by adopting some basic discipleship practices, including payer, Bible study, corporate worship, tithing, and more. 

Class 201 Notes


Class 401 - missions

Discover how God wants to use you to share the Gospel - in your immediate reach and beyond.

Class 401 Notes